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The app turns your Android photos into black-and-white works of art, and it includes multiple filters to keep each photo different from the last. Of course, you can purchase more filters for a fee (certain packs will cost $2.99), but for most people, the free filters should work out just fine. While these apps have their own tools, no one has the monopoly on features that can truly transform your stories. To really master stories, you’ll want to filter your content through multiple apps, each with its own distinct advantage. Stories are everywhere in social media today, but that wasn’t always the case. In 2013, Snapchat introduced the world to these temporary windows into our daily lives.

  • To really master stories, you’ll want to filter your content through multiple apps, each with its own distinct advantage.
  • And no phone number or email address is required to use this app.
  • You can turn on raw shooting in its settings , shoot photos in raw-only mode, or shoot JPG and raw files at the same time.
  • Instead of relying on someone else to make you a sticker, why not do it yourself?
  • These apps slowly scroll through your typed-out text on-screen, so you can read whatever you need to say without having to look away from your phone.
  • For a well-rounded app that does a little of everything, go with A Design Kit.
  • While the app technically ships with 50 fonts, all it takes to unlock the other 450 is to give 500 Fonts a five-star review.

Instagram has rendered these apps essentially obsolete, however, with an update that automatically splices your long stories upon uploading. You can shoot your photo and video in the dark using Facebook, then download and upload to Instagram Stories, Messenger Stories, Snapchat Stories, and others. Browse other questions tagged android ios or ask your own question. Bitmojis — including Bitmoji GIFs — are built-in to the sticker menu, so adding Bitmojis is a breeze. You can either set up an original Bitmoji or a Bitmoji Deluxe, depending on your style. Stickers and text, although seemingly negligible, are surprisingly engaging.

Build Your Collage Look From The Bottom Up

And it also lets users start conversations with one more friend, have video chat, send messages, watch movie scenes, sports highlights, music performances, and more. The app has a collage-making section, which features a library of templates to choose from, many of which are sized perfectly for a full-screen story. When it first launched, Instagram was known for turning modern photos into retro masterpieces using filters. In 2019, there’s less of a focus on the retro aesthetic across most social media apps, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for it in your stories.

Post a video to your story with one of these filters, and you might just convince your friends you went out last night, rather than enjoyed a staycation on your phone. If you didn’t shoot your video with Instagram’s camera, many video editors will also allow you to reverse your video. Like DSCO, Boomerangs — available in both the Instagram stories camera and the Facebook stories camera — offer a way to loop video in your story. However, these loops are much smoother than DSCO — Boomerang takes a full second of video to loop, rather than just a few frames. The result is a fun, quick snapshot of an activity during your day.

Once you have your Bitmoji copied, simply paste it in a text field. If the app doesn’t support Bitmoji, you won’t see a “paste” option. Instead of relying on someone else to make you a sticker, why not do it yourself? Its outline tool makes for the perfect sticker maker, as you can turn anything in your snap into a sticker of your own.

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However, to stand out, you can’t solely rely on the app where the story will be posted. Instead, you need a suite of apps that can turn your story into something special. Want to share that special memory with your followers, but the video you grabbed was shot horizontally?

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CutStory is another feature-filled app for editing videos for your stories. However, one thing it does very well is cropping videos to fit the necessary aspect ratio of a vertical story. Like photo croppers, CutStory offers a variety of aspect ratios to choose from, and you can see how your chosen dimensions look in real time. CutStory is more than just a video cropping tool, however, since it’s also good as a basic video editor .

Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store.

The app offers what is possibly the widest variety of design tools on this list, and while we’ll get into more of its features later, its text editor is by far one of the best you can find. While you do have access to a decent amount of font packs from the get-go, Over has a yearly subscription at $29.99 for Android and $99.99 for iOS. These subscriptions include access to Over’s huge library of font packs, uploading fonts, images, and templates. If you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is, Over is one of the best text solutions you can use. It includes a seemingly endless supply of fonts to choose from. New font packs are added all the time, from unique creators that add their own style to their text.

Top 6 Apps Like Snapchat For Android And Ios You Should Know

You can edit your script with an assortment of fonts and styles, choose how quickly it moves, where the script is placed on-screen, and more. A simple tap of the record button sets off both the camera and the script. Just tap the record button again, and your video will be complete. With this sticker, you no longer need to play a song in the background to get it on your story.

create an app like snapchat

Sadly, some phone manufacturers don’t let you take photos in raw mode. If you have a phone made by Sony, Xiaomi, or ZTE phone, raw shooting mode won’t show up in the native camera or any third-party camera app. Almost everyone knows and has used Instagram to share videos and photos. Undoubtedly, it is the first choice of apps similar to Snapchat or Snapchat alternatives for filters. Instagram features Live Video, IGTV, built-in filters, Stories, etc.

As for editing, VSCO offers plenty of preset filters, some free and some paid. There are also basic editing tools for contrast, grain, saturation, cropping, straightening, exposure, sharpening, highlights, clarity, shadows, skin tone, and color temperature. You can also add fades and vignettes, as well as skew images.

If you don’t want to break out your digital wallet, VSCO is a free app that supports shooting raw images, as well as editing them. However, one of the best options in the App Store is Halide , which costs $5.99. Not only does it allow you to shoot your photos in raw format, but it also hands over complete manual control of the camera to you.

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You can even customize your subtitles with emojis and filters, and choose from different subtitle styles to make your video unique. The app costs $4.99, but it might just be worth your while. If you’re looking to add black and white to your videos, check out VSCO X’s and Instagram’s filters. They’ll go a long way to giving your videos a similar aesthetic to Filmborn and Hypocam. If you want to give your photos a noir look on Android, Hypocam has you covered.

After Instagram’s smashing stories success, Facebook expanded the feature to the native Facebook app, Messenger, and even WhatsApp. Even Google has added stories to both YouTube and AMP stories, which allow content-focused websites to create story-like content for the web. Swap Snap also lets you add filters in real-time and it’s easy and convenient to take short videos and boomerang. And you can easily share photos and videos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps to help people share moments with friends and family.

create an app like snapchat

It has a large variety of templates to choose from as well, but what makes it truly special is its depth. While anyone can use Over to make a great looking story, experts can tweak their creations using Photoshop-like layered elements. If you’ve used Quik, how much did it cost to make snapchat you might notice a few similarities between it and Splice. That’s because GoPro acquired both apps, and they now share the same importing system. You even have access to Quik’s easy-to-use “HiLight” tool to give you a starting point for your video.

Go Font Crazy With Unique Or Custom Font Options

Templates are easy to use — you find one you like, then replace its content for your own. That way, you don’t need to worry about building a beautiful story from scratch. You can also keep using them over and over to build a personal style for your stories. Here, we’ve highlighted two of our favorite video-editing apps — one for iOS and one for Android — that make working with this tricky format a lot easier. The app doesn’t work with video, but it’s a great solution for any photos or slides you add to your story. Recording yourself is a tricky thing, especially if you have lines to read or want to refer to a set of notes.

Bitmojis took social media by storm, in no small part due to their excellent integration with Snapchat. While Snap is arguably the best app to use Bitmojis in, you can apply them to any story, so long as the app you’re using supports Bitmoji. The 2015 film Tangerine was shot using Filmic Pro, as well as Steven Soderbergh’s recent project Unsane. You can use this app to make your stories look just as good on Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, or wherever. It even integrates with third-party film tools, like stabilizers and gimbals, so video professionals will feel right at home. If you’d like to share other Snapchat alternatives with us, just leave them in the comments area.

Plus, you can shoot vertically for that perfect story frame. Try giving your content the food-inspired boost it needs with Foodie, an app designed specifically for the topic at hand — taking food photos and editing them. The app has dozens of custom filters meant to bring out the best in your food, but also contains manual controls to use with each filter. Filters work with both video and photos you shoot in the app, and it has a helpful guide feature to line up your shot when shooting food from above. Many Android phones running Android 5.0 or higher have support for raw image processing.

Unique GIFs, polls, questions, animated text, and more can snag the attention of a passive viewer in an instant as they’re tapping through stories. Instagram has a habit of stealing features from Snapchat — and totally getting away with it. Stories is the best example, as the feature really took off on Instagram’s platform.

This is where VSCO or Apple’s own Photos app comes in handy. Other apps that give you detailed control over raw images include Darkroom, Lightroom, RAW Power, Afterlight, and Snapseed, to name a few. Unlike with some Android devices, there is currently no iPhone model that will let you shoot raw images with the stock Camera app. Apple does support raw image editing in its stock Photos app, but when it comes to shooting in raw format, only third-party apps have access to that. The big names in stories are “the O.G.” Snapchat and “we didn’t steal this” Instagram, but many other social apps now have the feature.

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PowerDirector will watermark your projects and won’t let you export in Full HD or 4K. Video Crop is an alternative to CutStory, but we feel it’s a bit too buggy. Right now, Instagram is the only app that seems to support this method on either platform. Now, switch to the Bitmoji keyboard from the keyboard switcher, and select your Bitmoji.

Crop Horizontal Video To Fit A Story

We’ve highlighted some of the best and most unique options in this section. Filmic Pro hands you advanced manual control over your video camera. This means, like apps above, you can control ISO, shutter speed, and white balance, but you can also adjust frame rate, automated focus, and so much more.

These stickers will only be available in Snapchat itself, so you would need to add them to your photo or video first, then move that content to any other apps you’d like to use. When you take a snap, tap the scissors icon to activate the outline tool. Simply draw around any face, person, or object, then release. Snapchat will automatically save your outlined sticker, even if you choose not to use it in your photo.

If you want more, the app does sell font packs, but you might find the default ones to suit your style just fine, or try another app to find more new fonts for free. Snapchat was the first social media app to popularize augmented reality filters. While others have caught up, Snapchat still creates fun filters, refreshing the selection regularly. The quality of their face mapping is top notch, much of the time it works better than the competitors.