12 Frames


Peter Paul Gauci | Malta | 2014 | 25:36

Beneath her grandma’s recollections was a story that needed to be told. Sue, whose relatives hailed from Gozo, journeys to the small archipelago in search of her roots. The trip is an endeavor for wholeness – to complete her grandma’s wishes and piece the stories that had taken place in her native land some seventy years back. With photographs and letters, Sue tries to patch together the story of a young girl who had met misfortune in her life. Her sorrowful chances had cut her off from society until she meets a young airman. Finding the ruins that once housed her grandma, Sue begins to understand that there is more to the story than meets the eye. But why was her grandma so eager to escape from the little island she once called home?

John Suda
Davide Tucci
Madeline Baldachino
Chanele Muscat