20 Years: A Look Back


Errol Jud Coder | United States | 2018 | 38:27


Join as documentary filmmaker Errol Jud Coder takes a journey 20 years into his past to visit his hometown of Gays Mills, WI. In this compelling film about understanding where you come from, it explores the origin that kick off his life as a photographer and filmmaker. Experience the transformation of a story from a journey into the past, to the realization and appreciation of the places and people around you, forging you into the person you wouldn’t inevitably become. Through this journey, he tells of the impact of the two recent devastating floods (2007/8) that caused 1/3 of the buildings to become abandoned, the perseverance of those who chose to remain in the Kickapoo River Valley, even when the worst flood in Kickapoo River history strikes following the filming if this documentary.