6 1/2 Kitchens


Leo Merkel | Germany | 2015 | 20 m

German with English Subtitles

What does love mean in times like ours? What is it, that we call “drama”, when our biggest problem is our latest break-up? For one day, we are part of the lives of twelve young millennials, who are each perfect individuals and at the same time just like us. We are told about their lives in six and a half stories and we laugh with them, we cry with them and sometimes we do the most marvelous thing: we simply share the moment with them. Whether they are looking for the truth in a delicious pot of chocolate spread or they are covering their moles with tiny dots of tinfoil, we are always close to them. And isn’t that, what it’s all about? Not looking for the magic in worlds far away from ours, but in the most smallest details of ours lives? That’s where discover ourselves. And where we discover each other.


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