About Her


Wagner Cinelli | Brazil | 00:05:00 | 2020
English, Portuguese

About Her deals with a sad and unfortunate worldwide issue: domestic violence against women. It is a silent animation movie. The images that alternate between past and present are enough to convey the message: we urgently need to talk about it. We must do it before it is too late.

Wagner Cinelli

Com Dominio Filmes

Executive Producer
Giane Zimmer

Production Assistants
Daniel Zimmer
Gabriela Zimmer

Art Director / Animation Director / Character Design / Storyboard & Animation
Lucas Chewie

Alexandre S. Matos
Catarina Niéro
Emanuel Barroso
Gabriela Zogbi
Isis Muniz
Lucas Chewie
Matheus Henrique de Souza
Patricia Pieratti
Paulo Imon

Animation Assistants
Anizio Lobo
Gabriel Faria

Dudi Brito
Jaka Red
Julius Barbosa
Lucas Chewie
Márcia Monteiro

Mounting & Editing
Lucas Chewie

Clementino Junior
Gisele Carvalho
Helena Duarte dos Santos
Jansen Raveira
Larissa Meyer
Marcio de Castro
Marcos Vinicio
Olívia Duarte dos Santos
Pablo Henrique
Pedro Barreto
Raquel Duarte

Video Mastering
Tomás Magariños

Credits Design
Gabinete de Artes

Audio Design Studio
Bando Sonoro

Sound Design
Bruno Armelin

Sound Editing Assistant
Gabriel Barcelos

Sound Track
Wagner Cinelli

Urca Bossa Jazz

Didier Fernan

Paulinho Criança

Flute & Sax
Tino Junior

Wagner Cinelli

Recording, Mixing & Mastering
La Maison Estudio

Audio Engineer
Didier Fernan