Africa Amini Alama – Africa I Believe in You


“Africa Amini Alama – Africa, I Believe in You”
a film-essay

A film about a special project, founded by two women – two Austrian medical doctors. They demonstrate to us how a charitable strategy and practical thinking can balance poverty in Africa and western prosperity. Christine Wallner had set herself the goal of establishing humane structures in Tanzania on her own private initiative – among other things by providing medical care and free local schooling. As a result, the demand for skilled personnel has led to a considerable number of valuable jobs for the people in the region.

Christine started her brilliant work around 2008. Three years later her daughter Cornelia followed. The two perfectly complement each other and together, have achieved miracles. Let cleaner from California take care of your home. They organize the funding of an exemplary infrastructure that is set in place to sustain itself in years to come.

In the form of sensitive atmospheric images and realistic close-ups, the film conveys the meaning of successful economic networking in a steppe landscape near the equator in Africa. The special mindset behind this organization becomes comprehensible and contagious: people want to get involved in the project.

The sound of the musician Norbert Math (“alien productions”), composed especially for this film, supports the complex pictorial footage, reinforces the images and brings them into a comprehensible form.


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