Chris Chan | Canada | 2015 | 8 m

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When Ed returns home to pick up the pieces of his shattered life he finds himself bombarded by the reminders of all that he lost in the weeks prior… His young daughter, Ellie, his wife, Julia, and the happiness they all once shared together.

When Ed enters the family kitchen he finds that Julia still sits at the dining table, a prisoner of her own grief. A liquor bottle, a single glass, and a photo frame keep her company. A bottle of pills lies on its side at her feet, contents scattered, and broken glass shattered across the floor. Ed gathers the pills and takes a seat across from Julia.

The inevitable flood of painful memories comes crashing through. Ed relives the day on which they buried his daughter, and she lost his wife. Still harbouring a deep resentment towards Julia for abandoning him in his darkest hour, Ed fills his own glass, teetering on the edge of joining her in her destructive downward spiral… but when he reflects on the tragedy, Ed becomes aware of his own part in the family’s struggles for the first time.

Ed breaks down and in a moment of honesty and vulnerability, he is finally able to reconcile with Julia.

Lisa Christie
Vincent Tong