All Around Us


As we follow Psychic/Medium Seth Michael through his life starting with learning about his childhood, we quickly find out that Seth is not your typical, everyday person. He is one with psychic/medium and empath abilities. Through his struggles and triumphs, we witness the healing Seth brings through his gifts to others while meeting the people in his life who have become a part of his tribe.

In 40 months of filming, we travel from the Pacific NW all the way down to Sedona, AZ.

This film also features interviews with Sharon Lewis (AurorA), Teresa Kleve, Karen Anderson, Teresa Carol, Jyl Straub, Kristen Gray, Rocky Smith, Jason & Carolyn Masuoka, Nicole Strickland, Karen Frazier, Pete A. Sanders Jr., Casey Claypool and more!

This film is the untouched reality of life as a psychic/medium and is for believers and skeptics alike. We hope this educational film answers your questions, educates you, opens your mind, and warms your heart.

This is not another “Hollywood” story, this is a raw, heartfelt film by the filmmaker Tristan David Luciotti with Randy Kovach, Michael White, Arin Bentley, Rocky Smith, Anita King Nesteruck, Amy Castellano, Steven Sroba & Carrie Stephens.