Ioana Matei | Belgium | 2015 | 16 m

Annabelle must claim her Amazon heritage by finding and taming the fabled White Horse, even in modern Europe. Annabelle comes to age. She goes on a quest to find and tame the White Horse. She is following her female lineage, as it is written in the legend. Her mom is worried of letting her go. Her grandmother, knows more than she tells. In her journey, she meets three men. Three concepts, three trials, three internal reflections. Just like the heroes in fairy tales, she needs to pass. Except she is an Amazon. The first man teaches her the importance of memories and its influence in our present. The second man teaches to confront her fears. As a young woman, not to give into the preconceived standards imposed by society. The third man opens up the field of imagination and the power of creativity. She then plunges in the journey of meeting the White Horse, with all the learnings form the men and the power from her female lineage. She is now ready. Ready to face life and whatever it will bring.