Mariana Tschudi | Peru | 00:47:57 | 2022

Alfonso Muñoz is a former Peruvian priest who has been expelled from the Church for denouncing irregularities and telling “truths” from his point of view. Alfonso suffers from alcoholism and lives locked up in his house venting his torments through live broadcasts on his Instagram account. Leleo is an intuitive, sensual, and eccentric Venezuelan traveler who has been touring the world for several years. She has decided to settle in Peru for a while and, referred by a neighbor, she moves to Alfonso’s house. It is the year 2021, the year of the global pandemic. Leleo meets Mariana Tschudi, a promising Peruvian filmmaker who is fascinated by Alfonso and Leleo’s relationship and decides to propose what her next film experiment will be: to film and fully penetrate their daily lives , portraying what Mariana perceives as a great spiritual journey. This idea serves as an opportunity for Alfonso and Leleo to express themselves from their own cosmovision and they both agree to let themselves be filmed by Mariana. Exposing themselves on camera seems to generate a process of individual and collective observation that ends up transforming them and making them question the meaning of love and consciousness.

Endrina Farfán
Alonso Nuñez

Mariana Tschudi

Mariana Tschudi
Santiago Pillado-Matheu