Anaya Kunst | Brazil | 00:04:50 | 2023

Anaya Kunst (Anaya Music) is a New Age Music composer, MultiAwardWinning Recording Artist, Filmmaker, Producer, and Author. Anaya is passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and visuals and the universal Vibration of Love and Peace.

ANAYA, a multi-talented professional with a Post Doctorate degree in leadership (USA) and a PhD in Information Technologies (England) makes a stellar musical career.
Anaya’s passion for music, also developed her inspiration for a lifelong devotion to ballet dancing.

Anaya Music has emerged over the past few years as a powerhouse force in Newage music and filmmaking with high concept videos that have earned her a staggering more than 100 international accolades in US, Europe and Asia.

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There was a battle in the worlds and on earth. After many obstacles, the earth went to the 5th dimension, the dark ones were expelled from the earth and the galaxy. Races and beings that sow stars and light began to coexist harmoniously when the union was made without divisions.

All new modern constructions settle on earth and a world of wisdom, harmony and love thrives on earth.
People are now irradiated in the 5th dimension with High frequencies of light and Good prevails.


Video produced and edited by Anaya Kunst (AnayaMusic) and Marcio Alves
Video directed by Anaya Kunst.

Soundtrack “Sword” Music composed by Tania Mara Botelho (AnayaMusic)
Music produced and performed by Anaya Music
Music Publishing AnayaMusic (ASCAP)

Composed, arranged,performed, produced by Anaya Music
Sound Design by Pedro Tavares
Recorded at 1234 Recording Studio.

℗ © 2023 Tania Mara Botelho
©️ 2023 Anayamusic (ASCAP)

TaniaMara Botelho (AnayaMusic)

Anaya Kunst
Marcio Alves
Pedro Tavares


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