At Sea


Diane Fellows | United States | 2016 | 4 m 42 s

“At Sea” is a remembrance of my father. Remembrance exists between objective observation and intimacy. Events observed, and objects found often trigger a memory, visually and aurally, disconnected from what is experienced in the moment.  “At Sea” presents travels of night-time traffic moving through and stopping at a traffic light set against a provocative musical score as whispered words, and words heard, obscure and intertwine found footage of my father at sea toward the end of World War Two.

The temporal condition of remembrance exists in the tension between experiencing events in real time while recalling a memory of a person, in this case, my father, whose life in the archival footage unfolded in a time ultimately unknowable to me. The technique of the editing underscores the tension between objectivity and intimacy, objectivity and longing.

Allan Fellows