Avsar (Opportunity)


Mohit Goswami | India | 2017 | 1:09:32

Hindi with English Subtitles

The story starts with the main protagonist (Rachit) and his friend (Shikhar) entering Rachit’s house. Rachit is an urbane guy and Shikhar has a ‘small-town’ rustic charm – the differences between them are evident during their interactions. But as the evening progresses, Rachit recollects some forgotten memories from a distant past. Together, they revisit the roads not taken; and, the lines between the past and the present get blurred. Set in Mumbai, India, this romantic drama is a contemporary take on the life and relationships of a single professional gay man – his understanding of his identity, missed opportunities, and personal choices.

Anuj Jain
Apurva Chowdhary
Raj Hanchanale
Vikrant Verma

Hasya Chikitsak Prastuti