Behind my eyes.


Ivan Acosta | United States | 00:40:10 | 2021

September 11, 2001, began as a beautiful summer day, with a pleasant heat, a diaphanous light, and the bustle of thousands of New Yorkers commuting to their activities, to fulfill their civic duty to vote and to drop off their children in centers and daycare centers. in all four counties. It ended with smoke-blackened skies over the iconic World Trade Center skyscrapers, which had been fatally stabbed by a terrorist group; plus the anguish of millions of not knowing where or how their loved ones were. Iván M. Acosta witnessed it all from his balcony in Hell’s Kitchen in West Manhattan. He took out his camera from Super8 and for hours he recorded the worst attack in the history of the city that welcomed him when he emigrated from Cuba. The film remained in storage for almost two decades and today it links them together in a small tribute to New York, the first-line first responders, and all the people who supported and helped each other.

Ivan Acosta
People of New York York City

Ivan Acosta

Ivan Acosta
Raul Barcelona, Associate Producer