Bent On Somnolence


Timothy McCarthy | United States | 2018 | 1:29:41

Bent On Somnolence tells a deep, fictional story of how a lonely man, tortured by his insomnia, breaks free from his hamster wheel job, his money traps, and changes his life. He slaps down his drug addictions, kicks his conditioning in its ass and takes a leap of faith. He then discovers some life-changing science about medicine which can help repair the brain and restore the youthful mindset that he remembers having before it had been bleached out by years of depression and grinding at unfulfilling jobs.

The film features beautiful music performed by Thom Yorke, Susumu Yokota, Murcof, We Plants Are Happy Plants, and Timothy McCarthy.

With the kind permission of The Beckley Foundation, Bent On Somnolence provides its audience with their cutting-edge scientific data about chemical compounds which show promise in their ability to restore the brain and the mind to a healthier, more youthful state.

Timothy McCarthy

Timothy McCarthy

Timothy McCarthy