Beyond Crisis


Kai Reimer-Watts | Canada | 2017 | 1:04:25

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BEYOND CRISIS is a story of hope for a rapidly changing world: a meditative call to action that explores what it means to be living in this new era of climate change, as told by over fifty diverse voices from across Canada, the U.S. and beyond.

The film is also a unique conversation piece: a grassroots model for what a healthy conversation on climate could look like, inspiring YOU to take the next steps in discussing these issues with your friends, community and loved ones.

The reality of climate change may be frightening, but there is good news. Diving into the dramatic climate and energy story unfolding all around us today, this film paints an inspiring vision of the better world we could be building together – if we find the courage to face our shared global crisis, saying YES to a far safer, more sustainable and more compassionate clean energy future.

Beyond Crisis is a story of truth that bridges both poetry and science, intellect and the human heart – a beacon of hope to all people who are searching for an inspiring path beyond climate change, and a future we can actually believe in.

A hand-crafted portrait of a growing social movement united by our shared crisis, this film empowers YOU to continue the world’s tough climate discussions at home, in school and in your community – to build a #SafeClimateFuture for all of us.

Watch, get inspired and start a conversation on climate!

Paul Beckwith
Angela Bischoff
Peter Carter
Ann Cavlovic
John Clarke
Risa Alyson Cooper
Simon Dalby
Kevin Farmer
Edwin Fonseca
Ellen Gabriel
Eden Full Goh
Atiya Jaffar
Mychal Johnson
Naomi Klein
Melina Laboucan-Massimo
Deena Ladd
Amanda Lewis
Emmay Mah
Mike Nickerson
Suraj Persad
Tom Rand
Ann Russell
Margaret Klein Salamon
Tony Seba
Rob Shirkey
Clayton Thomas-Muller
Richard Watts
Alice Zhu

Kai Reimer-Watts

Kai Reimer-Watts

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