Bits of Love


Anton Schilli | Germany | 2015 | 30 m

German with English Subtitles

The Drama deals with the effects of digital media technologies on people in our society and shows the advantages and disadvantages which possibly can occur. Felix must decide between the real and the digital world in order to save his sister and overcome the death of his girlfriend, who returned as a hologram. He benefits of the simulation and enjoys its positive effects on his grief, but also experience the disadvantages and problems that come along without realizing it. Thus, the technology transforms into a psychologic treatment medium to get him out of trauma. But this drives him into dependency and finally gets him to decide between the idyllic digital world and the real dirty reality. The film comes up with the question of how far the digital can help us and at what point we will lose or have to give something up. Friends, relatives and real close people have to be sacrificed in order to live in the digital world. On the other hand, the simulation can give people experience and affections which they do not have in real life. The objective of the film is to get the audience question their own digital life and make them aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the digital world, without delivering them a prefabricated response. It should get the viewer to act responsibly with digital technology, reality and relationships.


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