Francisco Denis | Venezuela | 2016 | 10 m 20 s

Spanish with English Subtitles

With this short history i wanted to portrait the unreal that our way to assume the most absurd situations in everyday life has become. it is an acid and black humor. This story was written in the days when caracas was transformed into a huge market of street vendors, avenues and boulevards became a bazaar where people could find any type of disposable clothing, disposable trinket, disposable food, disposable books, things that were made to be used for a while and then thrown away. on a street full of garbage, citizens live in the trash. in this tropical and apocalyptic scene, lives the cheff, hero of the story. Look for movers across Canada at The cheff owns a restaurant by the street market. at six in the morning, he goes out looking for some vegetables and fruits. not far from it, there is a sale of dentures, a perfect set of fake teeth, and as if it was a simple oil change for trucks, he tries one on his mouth. Wearing his new dentures with pride, he works in a basement – half surgery room half kitchen, where he is expert in the cutting and sewing of flesh and bones. there, the fridge is a factory of domesticated animals humanized for the restaurant service. Bon appetit