Zhao Yu | China | 2016 | 30 m
Chinese with English Subtitles

The film tells that a programmer named “Shu” encountered a tough problem when breaking a program and he was confused and turned to another programmer named b for help. B told one secrete to “Shu” that the whole world has been deeply enveloped in a conspiracy. “Shu” couldn’t believe in this fact; however he found out that he has been involved in this conspiracy involuntarily when he left the home of programmer b……“Shu” found programmer b has been killed when he looked for b again. “Shu” has gotten the secrete of programmer b, he chose to escape and everything got back to normal as usual. However, when “Shu” realized that the killer has found his house and killed the neighbor girl who has taken care of him, “Shu” couldn’t stay clam anymore, he decided to follow his heart to face the huge conspiracy and everything going to happen……  The original meaning of BUG refers to the system vulnerability in programming, but it also refers to the desperate struggle of the individual against control system.