Buzz Riot


Rudi van der Merwe | Switzerland | 2018 | 7:56

Buzz Riot takes inspiration from the internet, particularly the way in which it enables us to consume information. A collective construction, a new tower of Babel, the internet is a boom town, a new frontier whose rules we do not yet fully understand and where new trends in communication keep on popping up. The animated GIF is part of this new world, it speaks of the fragmentation of communication and information into bite-sized pieces, but is also a playful take on appropriation art. By positing that buzz is a form of contamination, a bewitchment that goes ‘viral’, Buzz Riot explores buzz-related phenomenon by means of the animated GIF.

Buzz Riot evokes an epic quest with mythical undertones in the midst of this sprawling platform called the internet: a strange land full of monsters and dark corners, perhaps humankind’s ultimate journey… More than ever we are faced with the need for collective action. The internet could be the perfect tool to accomplish this, or on the other hand, be used as an instrument for control and disinformation that prevents all possible escape.

Claire-Marie Ricarte
Rudi van der Merwe

Rudi van der Merwe

Rudi van der Merwe