By the River


Agata Korycka | Poland | 00:35:00 | 2021

Film “By the river” talks about the courage necessary to live a life in harmony with yourself. The main character, Kinga, falls in love with a woman, which is a challenge for her way of thinking about herself. As a policewoman, she works against orders to help protesters and beaten women who oppose nationalism and fascism during the Independence March. The main character finds the strength to reject the values she does not agree with and rediscover herself both in private and professional life. The ambiguity of the title refers to the riverside beaches that Kinga sees in her work, she is a river policewoman, but also to what is happening today in the society of the country on the Vistula River – in Poland. There are references to real events in the film. Marta Lempart, the founder of the Women’s Strike, performs and the authentic event that took place at the Independence March is presented.

Aleksandra Pisula
Anna Gorajska
Dobromir Dymecki
Anna Bielecka

Agata Korycka

Maciej Ślesicki

Director of Photography
Olaf Malinowski

Anna Filipow

Przemysław Książek