Michaela St-Pierre | Canada | 2018 | 6:51  

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CAFO is an experimental dance and music film, where movement, metal and camera collide to express the push and pull of the expansive range of dynamics that constitute the human experience.

Elusive dreams of driving percussions and gentle temptations.

The balance of soft and hard is essential… without darkness there is no light… without rest there is no life. Both a forceful push or a soothing rest are necessary in time… A kick in the butt or a place to rest your head. Breaking and mending. To build or to wreck. To be challenged or to be cherished. To provoke or to calm. To get lost or to be found.

Softness and harshness. Quiet and loud. Light and heavy.

Kyana Astles
Brayden Cairs
Greg Fortune
Peggy Soria
Roberto Soria
Valérie Herdes

Michaëla St-Pierre

Michaëla St-Pierre
Talia Woodland
Paul Dzioba

This Movie is No Longer Available