Call It In The Air


Brian Verchick | United States | 2016 | Runtime


Meet Patrick. Patrick is a down-to-earth Catholic guy who just graduated from community college. He’s ready to move out from his parents’ house for the first time and to take the world of adulthood by storm. In short order he lands a great job, finds a roommate in the big city, and meets numerous date-able girls like clockwork. Things are going great for Patrick—or so it seems. As it turns out, the new job comes with a sex-crazed cougar co-worker on the prowl. The girls in the dating pool each have their own baggage. And the roommate, Elijah, is a bible-thumping holier-than-thou neurotic who color codes his food and insists that even holding your date’s hand isn’t appropriate for at least the first three weeks. There are plenty of laughs to be had as Patrick struggles to bring some semblance normality back to his life while trying to figure out what “normal” even is. Can he fend off the cougar? Can he handle dating a girl with a kid? Does his relatively laid-back approach to Catholicism even count as Christianity these days? How risky could it be to drink recently expired milk? How much coffee is too much coffee? Patrick doesn’t know the answer to any of these questions yet, but he means to find out. As Patrick quickly discovers, life is as certain as a coin flip. He realizes that he might as well just Call It in the Air!

Matt Thomsen