Camden Moon Chilean Moon


Mauricio Gorget, Esteban Anronio (composer) | United Kingdom | 2018 | 45:00


“Camden moon Chilean moon” is a film about a Chilean professor of philosophy and a healer in exile in the U.K Juan Garcia. Juan lives under a bridge in Camden lock market in London, he suffered electric shocks in the 1973 Pinochet coup after his arrest from his classroom where he was a lecturer in University of Santiago, his beloved wife Margarita is a missing person, but Juan believes that she will come back to him and he is waiting for her every sunset on Camden lock bridge… Camden moon Chilean moon is a magic realism film about displacement homelessness torture and street Camden life… A modern day road film about London told with great verve, magic, wry humour and dreamlike beauty! Going out will make you feel better than coming in, just like a visit to a doctor!

Avi Nassa

Avi Nassa

Avi Nassa