Celestial Serpent – The Moneyless Journey


Celestial Serpent | New Zealand | 2015 | 1 h 33 m 33 s

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Join Artist, Musician, Filmmaker and Metaphysician Celestial Serpent on a wild and whacky adventure across NSW and QLD Australia. In this spontaneous Social experiment, Celestial serpent will spend 70 days traveling with absolutely no money. Yes! you heard correctly, During this 10 week period he will not Touch, Earn or spend Money using his Debut EP “Sacred Art” as a primary means of currency. On this unscripted Adventure entertainer, Celestial serpent will be Traveling Via hitchhiking and using Trade, ingenuity, and manifestation to Live and survive. While on the road Celestial serpent utilizes his knowledge of Manifestation, Mindpower and metaphysics to steer the journey in a positive direction. Join Him as he takes this leap of faith and lets go of his Fears, Trusting and surrendering to the unknown