Kwame Ghartey Amoo | United States | 00:32:00 | 2020

When a orphan kid comes over to the U.S. from a Civil War in Africa his life turns more downward as he loses his foster mom to cancer. Frustrated with terrible relationships his life has provided the young man only gets more infatuated with the underworld of scamming and fraudulent activity, the value of real estate and condo for sale in California, which at the end have catastrophic consequences but yet ahold theres a menacing plot twist as his journey unwinds through different countries and territories.

Kwame Ghartey Amoo
Noble Whitted
Joel Launga
Lydia Barr
William Bassoumba
Courtney Brown
xara Chisano
Bill Halbert
Kimmie Hoo
Hasim Khan
Kris Kwuosa
Rebecca Lulendo
Ron McNeil
Papa Malick
Taila Robinson
Tanzania Robinson
Macia Thalet
Janene Winkey
Daniel Young

Kwame Ghartey Amoo

William Roberts

Dennisha Frazer
Renard Mark

Editorial Departement
H. Nelson Tracey

London Casting
Kimmie Hoo

Music Producers
Rashiid Cummins