Katherine Stepnowski | United States | 2017 | 11:38

Chosen, the documentary film, reveals the perspectives of trans-racial families who are united through adoption. Interviews and images of daily life show what the “norm” is for these families. For them, the preexisting difficulties and anxieties of parent-child bonding are augmented by trans-racial adoption. Consistent support from a community is pivotal to overcome the difficulties. These parents desire for the ability to properly tend for their child’s needs through their emotional pain. Recent events involving racism raise new concerns. Integrating cultures is a priority for these families, so children are able to embrace their identity as meaningful. Living in a society where racism is deeply embedded is difficult. Sometimes peers, authority figures, and the media appear like they are against the idea of racial harmony. But these parents show their commitment by learning how to care about even the smallest details, which reflects their desire to be fully supportive. This film shows the importance of love. Love is the factor that motivates individuals like the couples in this film to reach out to a child in need of an unconditionally loving family and accept them, despite false notions that these children are broken beyond repair. Their strength and heart for adoption reminds those defining themselves by the color of their skin that this world is full of people who are ready to love.

Katherine Stepnowski