Clark Park


Detroit is known as Hockeytown. When the city had to close many of its recreation centers in the early 1990’s the
once abundant outdoor ice rinks disappeared with them. Except for one. Clark Park is the story of the
Southwest Detroit community that saved a rink, helped stabilize a neighborhood, and gives inner city youth
the opportunity to play the game of hockey. This short documentary with a runtime of 34 minutes is told
through the perspectives of seven southwest Detroiters ranging from 12 to 87 years of age.

While indoor ice rinks are commonplace, the hard work of this Mexicantown community has resulted in the preservation of Southeastern Michigan’s only full regulation outdoor ice rink and sustained the tradition of playing hockey outside in Detroit. This is not a film about hockey, however.

This is a film about the long lasting
impact of a grassroots community organizing effort. It’s a film about the influence this effort has had on the neighborhood, residents, and individuals who benefit from the park along with the harsh financial realities that threaten the future of this ice rink.

Featuring music from the White Stripes with original music composed by Kris Johnson.