Daddy Loves You


Ninni Rokosa | Finland | 2015 | 56 m

Finnish with English Subtitles

Jussi Koivula was orphaned at twelve years of age and later lost two of his siblings, all due to alcohol and substance abuse. He is a loner in Finnish professional boxing and not even sure if he has the talent to be a boxer. However, boxing is the only profession he’s able to see himself having. Now 29 years old, Koivula is a talented boxer whose career was recently on the line because of an injury to his eye. He’s getting ready for a big fight, the result of which will decide if his career of 17 years can continue towards a bout for the title of world champion. After an appointment at an eye doctor, Jussi reflects on his bruised life while failing in his weight loss threatens to prevent him from climbing into the ring for the deciding match.


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