Death of Cupid


Aza Declercq | Belgium | 2016 | 15 m

What about Cupid ? Is he a real “love God” ? Or is he simply a cruel creature, enjoying himself by playing a harsch love game between two people ? When does love become obsessive and manipulative ? That’s how I started writing this story. A love story between the angel/woman Gabriella and the handsome but cruel man Leon. A romantic fairy tale, with a harsch ending. What if you discover the man you love is pure evil ? This love story is timeless and mysterious. I’ve chosen to work with DOP LOU BERGHMANS because of his skills and experience to give my movie the perfect look and vibe. It’s not just a simple ‘man-beats-woman’ story. Gabriella and Leon look like filmstars anno ’50.. Magical characters, but detached from reality. Expect verbal attack “sans merci” and a kind of longing love that most people would call insane. Don’t ask why and how. When passion becomes evil… LMDC is filmed in Castle Wissekerke in Bazel, Belgium. A beautiful romantic location which circumscribes the perfect setting for my movie.