Don’t Save


Don’t Save​ is a calculated response to balance the overwhelming advancement of photographic and digital imaging technology over the last 25 years. Don’t Save posits the question, whose memory is more important, mine or my computer’s?

A photograph, as defined by the artist, is a paper object that can be produced without the aid of electricity. A digital image, as defined by the artist, is a numeric representation of a two-dimensional image using binary code to produce either an electronic file or paper object via electrical printer.

In ​Don’t Save​ analog (black and white film) photographs of personal memories, visuals, experiments, general observations, historical moments are swiftly dismantled and nullified by Adobe Photoshop’s singular ability to simply not save. If our computer’s hard drive is the accepted and relied upon counterpart to our own memory, then how relevant is our own capacity to store memories in our body?

This piece illustrates the never-ending dichotomy presented by future and past photographic technologies.