Dovere For Camden


Douglas Clayton | United States | 2017 | 26:03


Dovere is an Italian word for responsibility, respect. Joe Papryzcki and Pepe Piperno felt a responsibility to deliver the respect that their beloved, broken city – Camden, New Jersey – deserved. Once a thriving city, Camden fell on hard times in the 1960s and 1970s. Drugs, crime, and corrupt politicians brought the city to its knees. Joe, Pepe, and a small group of folks came together to breathe life into Camden by investing their creativity, hearts, souls, and treasure to turn what used to be Joe’s grandfather’s abandoned bar into a professional theatre. Their dream of providing a point of light, a beacon of hope to heal a neighborhood was met with challenges. However, because Joe and Pepe were once Camden city kids themselves, tenacity and passion pulsed through their veins. They felt a great responsibility to return much needed respect to Camden. Thanks to Pepe’s generosity, Joe’s dream, and the help of a few important organizations, The Waterfront South Theatre was completed. The auditorium was named after Pepe’s mother and Joe was successfully running the theatre as it’s Artistic Director. The theatre was adding value to the neighborhood and theatergoers living in the surrounding suburbs were coming to Camden to see plays at the city’s only theatre. And then internal politics came knocking on the theatre’s door.

Joseph M. Paprzycki
Aldolpho “Pepe” Piperno

Douglas Clayton

Raymond Padilla