Kishor Tahbildar | India | 01:38:53 | 2022

Durga- The Warrior, an Assamese feature film depicts a vivid picture of a burning social issue of alcohol abuse and social awareness for its remedy.
The main shooting of film is done in a village in Assam, India. The protagonist of the film is a poor mother Durga of a very good artist son Anuj, who has lost her husband due to alcohol. And now when her son is also stepping on the same road as his father. She gathered immense courage to fight against this social evil. The battle that her needs to fight is the battle that many others have stakes in, men, women, and leaders. She has been vilified, violated in her fight against the burning social issue in the society . And finally could save her son & society from that. For this, Durga has to overcome many hurdles. She faces extreme patriarchal violence and humiliation. The force of the movement compelled political leaders to take note.
The film shows how to make the society aware of the social evils and shows the path for its correction. Hope this film would become an important means of social welfare.

Deepa Das
Akshendra Das
Siddhartha Sarma

Kishor Tahbildar

Dr Utpal Tahbildar

Tarali Sarma

Debajit Gayan