Dust In The Abyss


Hongnian YU | China | 2019 | 22:40
Chinese with English Subtitles

Like her 2 dead ex-husbands, the protagonist Qin Juan’s third husband suffers from severe pneumoconiosis due to the dusty working environment in the mine. Since her husband has no labour contract with the mine, he cannot get industrial compensation for getting occupational disease. Qin Juan can’t afford her husband’s treatment. However, Qin Juan cannot trap herself in the destiny tragedy of losing husband anymore. She plans to leave her husband to earn money in the town for his treatment. However, her husband has already accepted his poor destiny and stops her, hoping Qin Juan can stay with him in the rest of his life, which puts Qin Juan in a dilemma.

Chenyu LIU

Hongnian YU

Hongnian YU