Dvor on Una – We Are Not For Sale


Ruža Helać | Serbia | 2016 | 26 m

Croatian with English Subtitles

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In Dvor on Una, on the Croatian side, and in Novi Grad, on the side of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for 15 years now people are afraid that there will be a yellow cloud of radioactivity above their little piece of heaven. In fact, that is the fear of all the people who live in the Una river basin, which is protected by the Law, people who live in the area of “Una National Park”, or just simply that is the fear of all the people that appreciate and love clean water, clean air and something that is beautiful. Everyone except the government of Republic of Croatia, who made the decision to start building, on this very place, the nuclear, toxic, radioactive dump for the waste from “Krško” nuclear power plant.

Milica Alavanja


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