ENIGMA – The Fallen Angel


Abhay Thakur | India | 00:36:30 | 2021

A seemingly perfect, yet flawed young woman has her routine appointment with the town’s most renowned psychiatrist. Turns out, Richa has more than usual to share today. The 60-minute appointment is about to begin now…
Richa Kapoor, hailing from a wealthy background has been suffering from an unusual disorder. She has been treated & experimented with everything to find the perfect cure. However, everything of this has just left her with pain, hopelessness & rage.
Ultimately she leaves on a quest to find one herself which is when Myra Singh enters her life. A stark contrast between both of them unknowingly blossoms into a friendship, which is when Richa plans to confess Myra, the real reason behind her mood swings & erratic behavior.
Richa is surprisingly taken aback when Myra takes all of her pain in an extremely understanding manner & in fact, even has a cure for her. However at what cost?
On a parallel track, Dr. Rajiv Menon has a diagnosis, a reveal that shall rock her to the core.
It is often said that to understand whether a person is good or bad, right or wrong; it should be seen what are the choices he makes when he has to choose between his convenience & morality. ENIGMA is an extremely different take on the real, dark & selfish instincts that reside among all of us. Summing up, we need to understand the great words of Friedrich Nietzsche, “ He who fights his own demons, must take care he doesn’t become one.”

Yateen Karyekar
Ruchita Jadhav
Ananya Sengupta

Arjun Pradhan

Abhay Thakur

Ashish Mistry

Executive Producers
Snnehal Thakur
Niraj Valsangkar

Kirti Jangam