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Jamie Wright | United States | 00:28:00 | 2021

The Bindley Hardware Company was a hardware wholesaler and retailer at the turn of the 20th century in Pittsburgh, PA. Over 100 years after its retirement, the Bindley family’s only surviving ancestor, Jon Bindley, has re-invented the hardware seller as an American roots band. Alongside some of the city’s foremost historical institutions, Jon personally pieces together his family’s timeline. With recovered Bindley Hardware artifacts and ephemera in tow, Jon comes to understand what it means to be a son of the rust belt.

Jon Bindley
Samuel Hazo
Iris Guzman Kolaya
Anne Madarasz

Jon Bindley
Jamie Wright

Sound Mix & Design
Mac Inglis

Soundtrack & Score
Bindley Hardware Co.
Jon Bindley
Bryce Rabideau
Bob Banerjee
Brian Ganch
Dave Eggar
Mac Inglis