Fatal Encounter – The Last Indians of Greenwich


Robert Sherwin | United States | 2016 | 29 m 30 s

Filled with deception, turmoil, and death, “Final Encounter – The Last Indians of Greenwich,” is a short documentary that dramatically captures how, in 1644, an unscrupulous leader of New Amsterdam hatched a plan to eradicate any remnants of the last native American stronghold in southwest Connecticut, just 30 miles from Manhattan. The consequences of this event devastate an ancient Indian civilization, and would be repeated frequently during the great migration across the continent. This important piece of American history is tries to understand how European settlers – in just 200 years – swept away a civilization that dated back nearly 20,000 years.  Award-winning filmmaker and teacher Robert Sherwin takes a remarkable solo journey to write, direct, act, shoot, edit and produce a short film about one of the most important and riveting stories in early American history.

Dan Zakarija
Susan Caro