First Love


Yurugu Matsumoto | Japan | 00:37:09 | 2023

Overview: The theme of the story is first love. The film depicts a variety of first loves, but the happily ever after begins to take an unsettling turn, and the first love takes a sudden turn in an unexpected direction. The film is a story in which 17 actors were initially chosen, and then cast in roles and written for each actor based on his or her individuality.

Synopsis: The story is about the ensemble drama depicting several “first color ≈ first love”. Yasuko, a former teacher, is reunited with her pupils for the first time in 10 years and spends a brief, happy time with them. One of her students, Tsuyoshi, adores Yasuko more than anyone else. Fuyumi is given a ring for the first time in her life and develops a liking for the man. The story is about the first loves of the little people who live and breathe in the town.

Yoko Matsuda
Daiki Takama
Yuka Ono
Kaori Natsume
Tsuge Junichiro
Soudai Nagao
Yu-Ki Koga
Misaki Mizumura
Mari Ichihara
Asana Mori
Masato Iida
Yu-Ka Kasai
Chika Hiraoka
Takumi Hori
Kousei Yao
Nansyuu Miyashita

Yurugu Matsumoto

Yurugu Matsumoto


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