Fist City


David Shuster | United States | 01:21:06 | 2020

A small time thief named Jimmy returns to Fist City fresh out of prison. Within hours of being released, he’s hired by his old crime boss named Frank, to locate a woman named Lulu, who’s run off with his money. When Jimmy eventually catches up to her, it turns out that Lulu is a woman named Laura, a flame from the past he once loved and shared a dark past with long ago.

In desperation, Laura reveals to Jimmy that she’s just days away from giving birth to Frank’s baby, was being beaten by him often, had no choice but to protect herself and her baby, steal what she could, and break away. In light of her situation, Jimmy decides to secretly help Laura escape Frank’s violent clutches and in the process, old ghosts are stirred between them. Motivated by the increasing possibility of personal redemption, acquiring an immediate family and a fuller life, Jimmy and Laura begin to pair up as a couple, and in the process decide that Jimmy will be the father of Frank’s baby, as they set out to create a new life for themselves together after years of being apart.

But with Frank on their heels and their safety and future in peril, things take an unexpected turn and Jimmy and Laura find out the hard way, that plans don’t always work out the way you want them to, when you’re living on the losing end of life and the odds are stacked against you in Fist City, a place where gamblers come to lose and dreams come to die.

Leah Carrell
David Shuster
Charles Mickelson

David Shuster

David Shuster