FLOW – the End of Mono-Dimensional Thinking


Ines Kaldas | Austria | 2016 | 10:03

This is a silent fairy tale film intended as a symbol for ‘FLOW – the end of mono-dimensional thinking’ which, in this case, means the end of narrowly defined roles and hierarchies – and, thus, is proposing to take down the boundaries between us by ‘really seeing and recognizing each other at eye level’. Such symbol is highly relevant in our ever more complex and interdependent world that becomes – ever more – politically unstable. The silent film is set to 2 select pieces of classical music that tell of the liberation of the soul and the principle of personal liberation. In this way, we visualize the FLOW principle, the Theory U/Harvard Univ., and the Growth Mindset/Stanford Univ., and concepts of neurobiological perception – in a poetic story: After 100 years, a man comes to life again, reemerges from the waters of lake Zell am See in Salzburg, Austria, by liberating himself from spirits that want hold him back, pull him down and keep him submerged. But he is able to free himself. On emerging, he recognizes his former home – observes a tea party in the rose garden – children play – fall – get up again without pain or shame. The 2 ladies who inhabit the house at present are very different: one lady, the ‘Dirndl-Lady’ is self-confident and in control – ruling the house. The other lady, the ‘Glittering-Lady’ is resigned to second place although as multi-facetted as talented and sensitive. Both prepare in their characteristic way for the visitor. On entering the dining room, the gentleman meets the confident lady seated at the head of the festive table. He trips over an allegorical figure, the ‘Morphing Lady’ who represents the ‘self’ or the ‘expectations we so often harbor of ourselves, others, a specific goal, or …’. He trips – but he recovers, like the children before, without shame! The lady though, absorbs the blame which cracks her hard shell – and she storms out. Observed by the sensitive one, who recovered her personal strengths from seeing all that, this lady and the man follow the upset woman into a beautiful concert hall shaped like a wave, thus, even architecturally, symbolizing FLOW. Here, all three are able to deeply connect – recognize each other for who they truly are – and find openness and respect for the others and oneself. They break into liberated dance – each in its characteristic way – FLOW! This is a fairytale-symbol told according to the true story of the ‘Villa Thumersbach’ built in 1902, a place which is about to become ‘Panta rhei – A think-tank at eye-level’!

Joseph Bartning
Katharina Czernin
Kristin Staudenmayer

Ines Kaldas


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