Follow Me


Dieter – Michael Grohmann | Austria | 2015 | 5:14

The soul is a vast country. The film ‘follow me’ starring Shantala Pepe is solely anchored in this ‘vast country’. Attempting to escape from her inner self-followed by panic attacks as well as quiet moments, the protagonist eventually faces her demons. Afflicted by doubts and quiet desperation she realises that there is only one way out: to let go and give herself over to what is meant to be. In fact and amazingly to her this was her very own gateway to deliverance, inner peace, and freedom.

The film is being set on the outer and most fragile edge of the soul – delving into the depth of the psyche, in the realm between dream and reality and constantly trying to get to the bottom of whether the inner subjective experience is not actually the true reality.

Shantala Pepe

Dieter – Michael Grohmann

Ruth Kaltenegger