For My Children


Sweden | 2015 | 1 h 9 m

English, Polish, Spanish, Swedish with English Subtitles


This documentary follows Jerzy Donus who in 2009 was manipulated out of his children ́s life as father for the children he loves and cares for. The worries and stress in the struggle for the children, gave him a diagnosis of deadly cancer. In spring 2014 Jerzy decides that before dying he wants to create a message to his children. A greek friend Stathis Plotas shoots the film, other friends create the music. The film is about something that is taboo to speak about in Sweden, legal kidnapping of children, known under the name of LVU, which is the short name of a law regulating compulsory care of young – in 2014 35 000 children at the cost of about 100 billion crowns. The social services in Sweden has been compared with SS in Nazigermany and Gulag in Sovietunion. Is there a foundation for such connections? In his efforts to understand why the Swedish social services took his children Jerzy discovers that he is not alone with this horror experience, and that in the middle of the democratic beautiful Sweden there is a world full of lies, authority abuse and corruption. Ought Jerzy to be thankful that his children are still alive?