Gently as We Go


Megan MacDonald | United States | 00:18:38 | 2023

Gently as We Go is the story of two young people facing the uncertainties of a young romance. After a day spent hiking, Sam Hardy and Natalie Mara return late to Natalie’s home for the first time in their relationship. Recognizing the possibility of intimacy, Sam and Natalie talk about their day spent in a remote landscape and hint at what might come next. While one of them is reaching, the other is letting go. Between them is the grace of a world that has already touched them.

Gently as We Go is the premier production between director Megan MacDonald and writer Damon Falke. It is also the initial installment of a trilogy of short films that follow moments in the life of Sam Hardy, as he tries to reclaim those places and people whom he has lost.

Cole Siebels
Grace Plumley

Damon Falke

Dawning Film Productions

Director of Photography
Morgan Elliott

Film Composer
Wes Kline