Richard Mazda | United States | 2017 | 15:00

Five curious kids, a Ouija board and a derelict theatre. What could possibly go wrong?

Ghostlight is a fifteen-minute horror short that features actors who are all between 11 and 13 years of age. The film took about 36 hours of filming over 20 weekends including some concurrent editing as we built the film weekly. These talented kids learned how to act for film by making a film.

The five friends meet at the diner to discuss how to hold a séance since one of them has borrowed a board from an older friend. They agree to try to break into a disused, haunted theatre, The Phoenix believing that it would be the perfect atmosphere for a séance. Three vengeful child ghosts haunt the theatre.
These troubled spirits, having lost their lives in a fire at the theatre many years ago, are malicious, malignant presences that very quickly show their murderous instincts.

Mia Jacquez
Stella Apostalakis-Beaty
Genessa Khan
Ailish Long
Oleg Godrun
Isabel Kauffman
Demetra Kostaridis
Ani Nikoghosyan

Richard Mazd