Guided By Voices


Danny Oakden | United States | 2019 | 13:32


Vivian and Carter are soulmates living their best lives in New York. They have creative jobs, great friends, and a couple of thoughtful spirit guides. The only thing missing is love in a fulfilling relationship with each other, if only their spirit guides could get them to meet.

Maria Knox
Gabriel Sedgemore
Josh Rhett Noble
Idalia Limon
Barry Anderson
Joe Tribble
Angela Jeanneau
Deborah White
Blaise Lanzetta
Danny Oakden
Yessenia Rivas
Tammy Louise
Zina Wilde
Sunny Frumkin
Carmen Salta
Robert Sedgwick
Courtney Cooper
Matthew Rose
Chelle Warren

Maria Knox

Joe Tribble
Danny Oakden
Maria Knox
James Halpin