Ryan Clancy | United States | 2018 | 15:23


“On August 26th, 2017, Michigan State Police troopers attempted to stop Damon Grimes, a 15-year old African-American male, on his ATV for “reckless driving”. During the pursuit, trooper Mark Bessner shot Damon with his stun gun, forcing the young man to lose control of his ATV and crash into a pickup truck. Damon died before arriving at the hospital. Bessner has been suspended for violating police protocol. In an effort to prevent similar incidents from occurring again, family and friends of Damon’s are now pushing to transform a vacant field in Detroit into an ATV park.

This film examines how the death of Damon Grimes has changed a space, a family, and a community.”

Ryan Clancy

Ryan Clancy
Emily Mihalik