Hate Storm: A Prologue


Brandon Cole, John Cano | United States | 2018 | 10:36

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Duluth, Minnesota, USA, 1920. Two itinerate African-American circus workers encounter racism and hatred from two White patrons in a West Duluth café. An off-duty policeman, Oscar Olson, quells an impending fight between one of the White patrons and one of the African-Americans. Olson would later lead an under-manned police squad, firemen and civilians in a futile attempt to save Jackson, McGhie and another African-American circus worker, Elias Clayton, from a lynch mob estimated at 5,000 to 10,000 strong, after the three were arrested on suspicion of raping a White girl on the circus grounds. The film was inspired by an actual incident that occurred in Duluth on 15 June 1920.

James Bottoms
Harry Welty
Nick Sullivan
Don Scribner
Nick Hansen
Deborah JS Collins
Ronald Fulford Jr.
William (Bill) Anderson
Chuck Frederick
Connie Hansen
Ramona Marozas
Tyler Payton
Karl Randa
Cheryl Reitan

Dale R. Botten

Dale R. Botten