Her Mother’s Daughter


Alejandra Cadena-Perez | United States | 00:13:40 | 2021

“Her Mother’s Daughter” is an emotional portrait of a volatile and challenging mother-daughter relationship, explored through dance and motion. Mother and daughter live together, yet lead separate lives, each in their own isolated world. In these separate lives, each finds a degree of satisfaction and contentment, in strikingly parallel ways. However, when brought together, echoes of past pain and loss haunt the pair and expose their vulnerability, leading to cycles of conflict, fear and even violence. Ironically, they each crave the same thing from the other – understanding and acceptance. Their universe is dichotomous; natural vs. artificial, grand vs. bare environment, isolation vs. connection, and traditional yet progressive feminine roles.

Priscilla Regalado
Stephanie Bastos

Alejandra Cadena-Perez

Alejandra Cadena-Perez