Hero of the Desert


Lorena Sopi | Kosovo | 00:24:30 | 2022
Albanian, English

A young woman in her forties named Ana, who lives in the city Prishtina, rushing to work, had an accident and hit a man around 30s, named Nadif. She tries to send the boy to the hospital, but he refuses because he is an illegal immigrant and fears that he will be deported by the state. Ana decides to take him home to be treated. She undertakes to take care of him. During this time, until the boy recovers, unknowingly they fall in love, but when they try to sleep together, the sad Nadif runs out of bed and gets out. When he leaves the house, he suddenly goes out to his homeland, to his past, to a desert where three rude men castrate him because Nadifi has made love to a girl from his village. Desperate, Nadif turns to Anna and tells her the truth, He can’t be a man and has nothing to offer her. He runs away from Anna’s house and returns to his immigrant friends with whom he lives under a bridge on the outskirts of the city. One day Ana comes to the bridge and looks for Nadif. After an honest conversation, she convinces him to go back to her house and live with her, because despite all, she loves him.

Vjollca Tasholli
Mikel Markaj
Dibran Tahiri

Lorena Sopi

Agim Sopi

Director of Photography
Lorenc Pelushaj

Art Designer
Uran Duli

Sound Designer
Ilir Xheladini